Statement of Purpose

To help create a world of unconditional responsibility;
This is a non-profit website that is dedicated to humanity, without reservation.
This wisdom is a gift. The truth should be offered with no restrictions.

Latest Update

2021-12-21 Website look revised

We have revised the look of the site to make it a bit easier to navigate as well as faster to load and display.

What is Letters from Andromeda (LFA)?

LFA is the brainchild of Alex Collier and Jon Robinson, created in the 1990s to help spread the Andromedans message through a traditional printed medium (this was before most people knew about the internet). While the printed LFA has not been in publication for years, scanned copies of the originals are available under Resources for you to download and read.

Who are the Andromedans?

The Andromedans come from the constellation of Andromeda (not to be confused with the galaxy of the same name). Their home planet is called Zenetae. Alex is one of the few contactees selected by them to be given important information about our past, present and future, so that we as citizens of earth can wake up and become responsible and self aware.

What is the purpose of this site?

This sites primary purposes is to help present historical information provided by the Andromedans that is already in the public domain, with the long term vision of providing as much information as possible as more humans become awake and seek out information not provided by the mainstream.

Where is the information?

Click on resources on the top navigation. Over time we are planning on progressively add content.